One of the perks of completing a construction course through the Construction Hub is that our training focuses around giving you the skills and experiences to become employment and site ready. Find out more about how the Construction Hub can set you up with the skills you need for a successful career in the industry through our interview with Construction Hub graduate, Louis Hallett:  

Why did you choose this course?   

“I chose this course as I wanted to become a labourer, and I knew I needed to get my CSCS [Construction Skills Certification Scheme] card so that I could start working onsite. Having the CSCS card from the Construction Hub gave me a foot in the door when applying for work in the construction industry, it showed I already had some onsite experience. I also completed the course with some of my friends, which made it really enjoyable. At the time, I was working part-time in a supermarket, but I knew I wanted to start a career in construction and the course has actually allowed me to achieve that.” 

How did the course help you in your current role?  

“The Construction Hub course has been really helpful in my current role, as completing my course with the Hub gave me my CSCS card. The CSCS card training covers all the health and safety aspects to help me in work, so it meant I started work on the first day with some basic understanding of what is required of me on-site, such as required PPE, how to use fire extinguishers etc. This is information that you wouldn’t know if you went straight into the job without the training. Also, most commercial sites won’t employ you without the CSCS card, so this has been really essential.”  

What have you enjoyed in your new role?   

“I’m now working for Farrans Construction and currently working at the Wine Society site in Stevenage. What I like most about working in construction is it’s something completely different every day and I get to do a real variety of work. Each day, I get to learn new skills and new jobs – demolition, ground workers, steel erectors… as a labourer, you get involved with anything that is going on at the time on site. I also really like working outside and with my hands, so it’s brilliant being outdoors every day.”  

What would you say to someone thinking about starting a course with the Construction Hub?   

“I would definitely recommend it, it’s free which is brilliant and it’s a great thing to have under your belt and makes you more appealing to future employers and more likely to get employed! The course was easy to relate to and has helped me start my career in an industry I really enjoy.”  

If you’re interested in starting a career in the construction industry, be sure to check out our training opportunities.